Pagefile in second HD, speed question.


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Hi Guys,

My pagefile is on a second HD (20gig5400RPM) right now, but I would like to use that HD on another 'puter. I do have an older 2gig HD sitting in my desk right now. My question is: if I use this old 2gigger as a dedicated pagefile HD, will I suffer any speed degredation due to this HD?

Thanks in advance..


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the size of the drive is very important...the read writes will have to travel to more distance to accomplish anything at all on a small drive, (obvious if you think about it).

the only time this separate hard drive for the pf makes sense is if your ram is usuially under pressure, and the second hardrive is relatively large, so the read writes don't cross too too much distance and heads for the reads adn writes

since you need the other hardrive for another os, if you have a fair amount of ram, just put the pf back on c, make sure it's a decent size, defrag the thing, and you won't notice any performance hit at all

unless as I say, your memory is constantly under pressure


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Thanks Dealer,

For your input. I think you misunderstood my question, though. I read on a MS KBA somewhere that MS actually recommends putting the PF into a different HD. I guess I should rephrase the question. If I replace the PF dedicated 5400RPM HD with a 4500RPM HD, will the overall speed of my machine be reduced? I am using 1280megs of PC133.

Thanks in advance


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the old ms article recomending a second hardrive was written way back for nt, when there wasn't much ram available, ram was always under pressure, and hardrives were in general, relatively small as a whole as compared to todays hardrives

the article even states to put the pf on the fastest drive...this would be amended today to also include that a large drive will give gain

believe me, if you want to put the pf on a small hardrive, the benefit of having it stand apart on a differant hardrive and a slower and smaller one at that is outweighed.

give it a shot...microsfoft actually recomends experimenting with this type of configuration, and don't make a blanket statement for this type of predicament

let me know if you think there's a performance gain after you exdperiment.

i'm pretty sure there won;t be...I've been wrong before


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With 1.28 gig ram you won't be using the page file much unless you are doing video editing.

Go ahead and put the pagefile on the 2 gig. 5400 vs 4500 isn't that big a step and you avoid fragmentation and having to slew the heads all over the place when accessing your fast drive.


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Thanks guys,

Dealer, your answer makes sense now, common sense. I thought you understood the question as the actual gig size of the HD, now I know that you are talking about the whole HD package of today compared to my HD of 1994.
But wouldn't it also make sense, seeing that I have over 1gig of RAM, making room on the C: drive (7200RPM), that theoritically, The boot drive will have less to go through when accessing files, thus making it faster. Just a thought.
Thanks LeeJend, for your input as well.
I will go ahead and test this setup. The rpm's aren't that far off and I am using alot of RAM.


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