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Hi Guys,

Would it be really worth my while throwing the pagefile from this (gaming) computer into my file server tower? The file server tower is always on.

Thanks in advance.


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hmmm...depends on how the file server is hooked up I think...among other things

it's usually better to have the pagefile on another physical drive...mind you, not on another partition of the same drive, but if it's a differant hardrive, and if that drive is fast and big, and it is not used, and you are hitting the pagefile, you might see a gain....lots of ifs

a small drive would be counter productive, even if it were fast.

in any event, I doubt you would get any measureable gain regardless, as with your 512 mbs of memory, I don't think you're accessing your pagefile while on your game.

anyway, if you are writing from disc, just give it a go...simple enough to try


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I have to disagree with perris on the "another drive part". I tried that and ran into a problem. With up to date energy saver hardware and software unused HD's spooldown when idle for a while. Spinning back up introduced a major delay in accessing the pagefile and added a lot of spoolup / spooldown cycles to my second drive.

I keep a 6 gig partition on my 1rst physical drive for the pagefile and to store cd and dvd images on prior to burn. It keeps access time fast and prevents pagefile fragmentation.

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