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8 Jul 2002
Hi Guys,

Would it be really worth my while throwing the pagefile from this (gaming) computer into my file server tower? The file server tower is always on.

Thanks in advance.

My guess would be "no", as it should run/be accessed faster when based locally
hmmm...depends on how the file server is hooked up I think...among other things

it's usually better to have the pagefile on another physical drive...mind you, not on another partition of the same drive, but if it's a differant hardrive, and if that drive is fast and big, and it is not used, and you are hitting the pagefile, you might see a gain....lots of ifs

a small drive would be counter productive, even if it were fast.

in any event, I doubt you would get any measureable gain regardless, as with your 512 mbs of memory, I don't think you're accessing your pagefile while on your game.

anyway, if you are writing from disc, just give it a go...simple enough to try
I have to disagree with perris on the "another drive part". I tried that and ran into a problem. With up to date energy saver hardware and software unused HD's spooldown when idle for a while. Spinning back up introduced a major delay in accessing the pagefile and added a lot of spoolup / spooldown cycles to my second drive.

I keep a 6 gig partition on my 1rst physical drive for the pagefile and to store cd and dvd images on prior to burn. It keeps access time fast and prevents pagefile fragmentation.
leejand, I agree with your post..I didn't concider spin down,,,nice job
i got my page file spanned across 3 drives on a seperate controller, no problems here, faster than before :)
Stupidly stumbling into the problem myself doesn't actually qualify as "nice job". But thanks for the thought.

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