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pagefile analogy

Perris Calderon

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well, I'm a little board, so I thought I'd put together a pagefile analogy, which will help 'splain the pf to those that can't figure out what it does, and why it's there.

This does a good job explaining the pagefile, for those like me, that enjoy the discussion of it...(who, me?..ya)

this is pretty close;

Imagine that the pagefile is a big storage facility, with no walls inside the facility...Ram are the workers, and packages are program information

The boss, (the os) likes to give all his workers, (ram) a place to put the packages they're carrying, so they can carry other packages if it becomes necceassary...that's why he hired so many workers, he wouldn't hire say 512 workers if he didn't intend on using them, would he, so he wants them to be able to carry lots of packages(4) at once.

so, while a worker is carrying a package, the boss says, well, if I need him to carry something else, I'll have him put the package he's carrying right over here, ... he thus assigns a spot for all the packages his workers are carrying, but the spot remains empty.

when the boss sees he is out of spots for the packages, he rents more space, say up the block. this is not as efficient, he doesn't want to turn a client down, does he, and he surely doesn't want to keep a client waiting...at least he can keep bussiness moving in this fassion, and absolutely does not have to turn a client down..(this is expansion, and thank goodness for it

now, when he runs out of workers for a task, he says, "well, bill is carrying that package for the longest time, and the package has just not been opened, jeeze, I don't think that package will ever get opened, I'm going to have bill wait in the storage spot I gave him, but I won't have him put the package down,untill he absolutely needs to carry another package...this way, if the customer wants to open bills package, (HARDLY LIKELY),he'll be ready, and I won't have bill waiting in the storage area anymore, (boy, I'm glad I had the forsight to do that!)I'll have to put pete in waiting instead of bill.

you see? it's important for the storage facility to be the right size, so the boss doesn't have to rent space up the block!!!...plus, here's the best part, the boss realizes this inneficient space is not good, so he gets rid of it the very next time he opens the doors for bussiness!!! You see, that;s what some people didn't understand in the past, the ineficient space, was actually extremely efficient fot the moment, and gone on the next day...boom...beutifull!!!

Obviously, it's important for there to be places up the block to rent, just incase the storage facility is too small.(otherwise, the boss will be forced to put those packages in other peoples yards...unbelievably inneficient)

but rest assured, if the day comes that the boss needs to rent space up the block, the next day, the owner, (you), should build a bigger storage facility, so you never have to rent ineficient space...you of course will never get mad at the boss for renting more space when it was necceassary, instead, you should give him a raise, and say, "well done, good job"



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wow i am inlightened, seriously nice job,us dumb asses now understand:p,did ya use it 2 teach ya primary skool students:)

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