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Here's an interesting scenario:

Since it got warm where I live, I've been having heat-related issues with my computer. Ok, fine. So I take it all apart, vacuum it out, put it all back together. Except... Now Windows XP won't boot! It keeps giving me a Blue screen with the error message that's in the subject line and says that Windows Startup has been halted so that the computer wouldn't be damaged. And it says to remove any new hardware from my computer and to disable all caching/shadowing in the BIOS. Ok, so I do that. My computer is nothing but a motherboard, processor, some RAM, a hard drive, and a vid card at this point. And the darn :mad: thing STILL won't boot. I've tried repairing it with the Windows XP CD, and it kicks me back to that screen. The hard drive is formatted in NTFS format. The computer is saying that the Ntfs.sys file is the cause of the problem (except when I go to repair the installation, then the computer won't specify what the problem file is).. Any ideas?

<edit> Changed the name of the error to the correct one.


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you tried formatting the drive completly and start afresh?
try fat32 or something
when you opened the machien up, did you take anything out?
or maybe the vacume disturbed things
try rebuilding/refitting the cards, processor ram etc
ensure everythings firmly in

Bytes Back

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Ooooh this ones doing the rounds, As the only thing you have done is take it apart and put it back together then the fault must lie in how you've put it back. Now, there are two main areas I'd check.

Memory. check that there is no dust in the slots and it's plugged in properly.

Hard drive cable, it's all to easy to accidentaly pull a bit to hard and damage the cable where it joins the hard drive. Try using another cable.

Let us know what happens and If we need to think again :)



I had the exact same problem and a complete format of your hd will not work (didnt for me), as you may notice you will get the error when not in windows.

I have come to the conclusion that it was either two things,

1. Dodgy Memory Bank On Motherboard , or,
2. Heat

I changed the slot of the dimm and have not had the same problem since. However I am pretty sure it wasnt the motherboard, more the heat.

It was originally in the 1st slot close to the cpu (which at the time was running at 2 high a temperature) so moving it to the 3rd slot cured it.

You should buy a ThermalTake Active Memory Cooling Kit and probably a ThermalTake Volcano 7 heatsink and fan. This should sort out your problem permanently (rather than just moving the dimm to another slot which is temporary).

If it doesnt work then try replacing the ram, and then if that dont work then the motherboard. But I am pretty sure its heat.

The cooling kit and fan dont cost much anyhow, bout £30 / $50.

Good Luck


Are you on a server?

If not, this is probably related to either ram (check your chips) and/or the video driver (usually nvidia or ati - make sure you have the latest from oem

Reformatting has nothing to do with this error.


heh, I ended up having to FDISK the drive, and then using the WinXP CD to reinstall it. Pain in the... ;\

And I'm getting a new case, next week. Should solve the heat problem.

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