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Fixed Page load error.


Political User
I don't know what is going on guys, but from where I am standing it looks like ElectronicPunk, or someone using the same IP address/computer he uses along with the user-name and password for the site logged in and replaced index.php with what you are currently seeing. I am not sure why.

He is not currently online, and I don't want to move any files back into place or change anything if there was maybe a good reason to do this.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
Still counts.

In retrospect it was damn late - I should have put a short meta refresh in there and perhaps had a faux forum directory. But meh :p

I clearly deserve some reputation for the amazing feat.

Electronic Punk

Staff member
Political User
The system is even more jiggered than it was before the comp.

I finally finished the sql tho, had to go back and edit 350 lines of sql. But I mean look at your rep? Its mad! And I can't retrospectively changed the rep you have recieved.

Dark Atheist

Staff member
Political User
i should get some rep for suggesting something be done on April 1st ;) and my rep isnt that much higher than before, but i'll take it :p

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