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I have no pagefile in xp. When attempt to change the settings, they are never implemented.Consequently, on every bootup I get the following error message: "Your system has no page file or the page file is too small." This seems to also make the bootup a very long process. I did not have this problem when I first did a clean install of XP but yesterday I had to reinstall XP to get an HP Officejet R80 to work correctly, which it did but now I have this strange, seemingly unfixable page file error. Any solutions to this or do I have to reinstall again...?
I've not been able to use the recovery console. Upon booting from the XP CD, and going to the Recovery console option, I'm asked for the administrator password. Since I am the only user, I am there as the "administrator" but there's no password. I tried adding a password to the administrator account so, after being "password protected", I went back to the option and it would not accept my password. I then loaded in the recovery console as a start-up option but again it would ask for a password when there is none.

Can you give me any other solve either this recovery console problem or the paging problem?
Found and used the repair option but it did not solve the problem. I still have it. Can you suggest anything else? Or should I run the repair option a second time?
The paging file is in the registry just where you noted it should be. The Win XP recommendation is for a min of 1246. I deleted the registry entry, just in case and then re-entered the data, rebooted and saw it there again. I have two Hard Disks so I even tried to put the paging file on my second HD. No matter what I do I cannot seem to get this thing implemented..that error keeps coming up which, of course, greatly slows the boot-up. I think there must be a service or someting optional I might have inadvertenly unchecked, or you think that could be the problem?
I threw in the towel and reinstalled XP in a new directory and then reinstalled everything. The paging file is now there and all is now ok. My first HD is a 40 Gig. the second is a 30 Gig. Both were defraged ok. On the primary HD there was 30 G free. The board is a new MSI with a Pent IV 1.7 and 800+ SDRam. Video cardis the 64 MB GeForce 2. All was updated. I dumped accelerator just in case. Whatever was wrong remains a mystery...

Thanks for your time & helpful alternatives...
I did as you said and the rights are for "administrators" which I was in my previous XP installation. Although I did not check this particular item, I was logged on as the administrator as no one else uses my computer & I am sure about the administrative rights previously.

By the way, where are you located? I'm in Manila (Philippines).
Paging file error

I have had the same problem... after I installed XP I kept getting the Virtual memory low problem.... paging file is too small or not enough disk space..
I have a SCSI drive for my system drive.. over 17g free..
I also have a gforce 32bit graphics card, and a MSI mobo...
I have an athalon xp 1800+ chip..
I am going to tryo to reinstall the scsi drive controller drivers.

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