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8 Apr 2003
as kde is taking an age to compile on my little test laptop (p4 1.8ghz) are there times when pkg_add -r package is ok, as i have been advised to compile everything
yes i have the ports tree, and most things i have compiled, its just kde is taking ages (18 hours so far)
KDE is a beast, as is gnome. pkg_add will work, however you will most likely get out of date packages.

Your best bet is to go with a lighter weight window manager, like XFCE, Enlightenment and others.
Gnome should only take a few hours on that machine depending on whether or not X11 is already installed. The main reason I quit using KDE is because I run source based OS either Gentoo or FreeBSD, and it would take a good day to compile on even a fast system.
yes i have used xfce before not bad looking, this is a p4 1.8 laptop with a 5400rpm drive in it and 1gb ram - not the fastest thing in the world, and after trying to compile kde (and all the deps it wants) i think i may use xfce or some other manager, yes x11 is in that too took a little time
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