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pacific digital 16x DVD zones?



I just bought 2 of these drivers and they work VERY well and they are cheap too...$55.....I wasted all my zone changes and now I'm stuck to zone 1 . how can I make this drive multizone? or at least 1-4 zone? there has to be a way out of this......right??


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hmm.... betting on registry setting, and/or some hack/reverser/aka something to bring them back. Im sure there are some around, just look around... ;)... maybe someone will post one here, but im not entirely sure it's legal.....


ok....I tried that site before posting....I guess I'm stuck for now..Thank you guys!!! I love this site....when it was down , I felt like...like if I was disconnected! great job!!


just wondering....what if I just flash the firmware...using the downloadable manufacturer flash utility??, will I be able to change the zones again for a limited amount of times, or will it be the same %$#@!????

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Not sure to be honest... it may not flash those particular areas of memory.

Chances are that your drive is just a ripoff of another common model, so do a search on the firmware page forums.

You cannot, or you are not advised to flash to an older bios so be careful and make sure you boot to real dos using a bootdisk (www.bootdisk.com) I recommend the Win98 boot disk.

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