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P4G800-V won't post...


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I am building a new system and using a ASUS P4G800-V mobo. Upon initial installation, I got no post, no beeps, but everything powered up (harddrive, fans, etc). I replaced each of the other components to rule them out as the cause (memory, cpu, harddrive, video card). None of these fixed the problem, so I RMA'd the board. When i received the new one, I got the same issue. Once again tried replacing all the components with no luck. I have a hard time believing they sent me two bad boards. I even tried unmounting the board to make sure it wasn't shorting against the case. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Here is my setup:
mobo: P4G800-V
processor: Intel Pentium 4 2.8E Ghz 800Mhz FSB
memory: Kingmax 184 Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200
harddrive: 120 GB Samsung
sound: onboard
video: onboard



OSNN One Post Wonder
thanks but still no

Yup, the power connectors are plugged in and i checked the cmos jumper. Not exactly sure how to check the bios without the machine posting.
unplug everything but the mainboard and video & keyboard... memory too... see if it will post for you. If it will post start plugging things in starting w/ your memory.


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Ok, I unplugged everything except the keyboard and video. I got the beep code for memory error. When I added the memory i'm back to getting nothing. I tried replacing it with a known good memory stick and got the same thing. I double checked the compatibility of memory and processor in the manual and it checks out. Any other suggestions?

Check if the RAM speed has a MB jumper for 266/333/400.

Change the memory speed in BIOS to something slower than is supposed to work. If its 3200 (400) run it at 333. The MB and chipset may be finicky over the ram. If it works at the slower speed then you can try running it at 400 mhz with reduced (that means bigger numbers like 8 instead of 7, 3 instead of 2.5) latency settings.

The Bios should have an option to run at either enhanced performane or safe performance. Set it to safe.

Once the RAM setup is good start putting the rest of the equipment back in.

To set the bios to safe performabnce settings reset the cmos using the jumper. Make sure the power supply is off and unplugged for a couple minutes before resetting the cmos jumper. The Bios can be wiped otherwise.

If the problem continues remember the nastiest trouble shooting is when 2 problems exist. Swap the power supply and the ram with known good ones with the new MB. By replacing the MB before you had the problem isolated you may even have introduced a third problem. (The new MB could be bad and the old one good).

Try as many of the new components in the old computer as possible. Not CPU or power supply. They can risk your old machine too.


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ok, well I can't change anything in the BIOS because I don't get that far. I have now tried 3 different kinds of memory (all good) but none worked. I'm at my wits end. I've never had this much trouble putting a machine together. This is like number 31 for me. Any last suggestions?
Wow. I'm looking at your manual. Try to clear your cmos by following the procedure on page 1-17. After that the only thing I can think about is to ensure you have both power supply cords connected (page 1-4 shows mainboard layout... make certain items 1 and 7 are securely seated)... make sure your psu meets the standard as outlined under the #7 descriptor "The power supply must have at least 1A on the +5V standby lead (+5VSB)." I'd then try each of the memory configurations as outlined in Table 1 on page 1-13 (hopefully you have 2 identical sticks).

If it won't fly after that, give Asus a call and see wtf is up w/ your board... make sure you have all the specs of each of the components handy before making the call.

I wish I could give you something more definitive, but I'm just going over what I'd try myself before I called. RMA seems extreme until you can talk to tech support beings this is board #2 already. I'd opt for a different board before I accepted a third of the same critter in return if I didn't talk to tech support to verify all my components are compatible w/ it.

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