P4 power connector or not?


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Do I need to connect the p4 power connector from the power supply to the motherboard if I have an AMD 2500 barton proccessor and a NF7S ver. 2 motherboard? If so, what does it do for me?

A person at the local pc shop said I should connect it. A web page says:

Newer ATX power supplies also have a special four-pin power connector (Figure 9), which is used with Pentium 4 mainboards. If you’re installing an AMD Athlon, you won’t need this special four-pin connector. Just leave it disconnected.
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Intel Motherboards have an additional 12v 4-pin P4 connector. AMD boards, as long as you have enough for the 20 or 24 molex connector, do not require this connection.


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If the MB has a socket they intend for you to use it.

Some MB have a 24 pin main connector, some have a 20 pin connector and a seperate 4 pin connector (this is what is called the "P4" conenciton). Some have both. If the MB has both 24 and a seperate 4 pin you only need to use the 24 pin connector or the 4 pin connector, not both.

Your MB has a 20 pin connector and a 4 pin connector. Use them both. If the power supply doesn't have a square 4 pin connector there are adapters that will convert a flat 4 pin to square 4 pin. They cost a couple of $s.
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