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P4 Overclocking - Worth It?



Is it really worth overclocking? I have a 2.53 P4 which I run at 2.8 but at this speed i'm only able to run my ddr at 180 as apposed to 200 on stock processor speed. Benchmarking isn't really helping, can anyone shed any light as to what will give me the best real world performance gains?


hardware monkey
if benchmarks aren't showing any real difference, then you're probably not seeing any real-world difference in games and such.
and you took the words right out of mine too :D

And heres me thinking my 1.4Ghz is fast enough:eek:

lol.. I think i need to upgrade now :(

*is still proud of his computer though.. now with 280GB Hard Drive Space :D *

lol.. nahh.. i think ill wait another year to upgrade.. thats when ill start panicing but ill be happy to wait to watch the prices drop :happy:


hardware monkey
i suppose you guys don't play battlefield 1942? very cpu-dependent. my 1.4@1.61 still isn't enough to play on a large server in all it's glory. i would love to see this game on an nforce2 board with an xp2700+.

you can't say someone's foolish for overclocking. do your thang, kch1. ;) :cool:

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
Trouble is the prices drop then the parts become hard to get, then impossible to get, then you have to buy a complete new system because nothing on your old (which is really new) system is up to the task. :mad:

[translating to english]
good point Hipster.. never thought of it like that..

But most boards would be able to support a few of the new stuff.. for example i have 2 DDR RAM Slots.. which i will eventually upgrade to.. and i have enough PCI slots to last me a "short while" :p .. but yea i see where your going with this Hipster, the only thing we can do is keep a look out :cool:

Im waitin for the end of the year to get the Geforce FX ;)
and ill get DDR at that time too..
i think i can handle another few more months with a 1.4Ghz in 2004.. or will i??? :huh:

PC Technology is going too quickly these days.. bring back the Pentium 2 :D .. lol hahaha



hardware monkey
i originally built this system in 2000. since then, all i've done is get more memory, upgrade the proc (fastest that mobo supports), and new video card. i love this thing. :happy:

but with new games like battlefield 1942 and such, it's starting to show it's age. so i'm riding out the last few months before i build a totally new one. i would say i'd be getting an nforce2 board and a 333mhz fsb xp, but who knows what will come out by summer. :confused:


i have to agree that technology progresses so quickly these days and also agree that sometimes the more MHz you can muster, the better. But for me its all about getting the most out a system as possible, even if its fast enough already. I suppose its similar to someone who always finds ways to tune their cars for more speed :)
good point kch1 :)

I try and get the most of my system too.. forexample my lastest completion of using all my IDE cables :p .. and i try different ways to increase speed also :D


Perris Calderon

Staff member
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my gawd...I'm still using a 950 thinderbird

I don't do the gaming thing, and to be honest, when this thing clocks down, (it's a laptop) to 450, it's very hard to notice the differance

personally, to have fair gaming results, there should be a maximum and minimum hardware spec in order to qualify for the game.

no fair someone beating you because they can afford a better rig, or have a t3 connection, and you can't.

I don't mean make 56k the standard, but the servers should limit bandwidth to a realisitc weight, and not let people with uncapped or t3 or t1 have an advantage

this is the main reason all I play on line is chess...it is me agains someone else, not me against who's got the best stuff


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
@ skool i got a lush conection i dont have 2 pay for-speeds top 3.3mb/second. but the average home/buisness just cant aford it:(


hardware monkey
you don't need a t3 or t1 connection to get low pings... a normal cable or dsl connection is enough to get pings of 12 and even lower. you don't need to be able to download at 3mbps to escape lag. as long as your service isn't crappy and have latency issues, then cable or dsl is fine.

depends on the server location, also.

and dealer, games do have minimum and recommended requirements printed on the outside of the box. all the ones i've seen do, at least. just turn the detail down and lower the resolution. and if you're playing a laptop, make sure that puppy isn't underclocked when you play... you'll definitely see the speed difference, then. :p

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
hello taurus

I only mentioned minimum requirements as an after thought

my real point is there needs to be maximum hardware specs for a game to present equal playing grounds.

also, those with the best through put will surely enjoy some advantage.

and yes, this amd sure keeps these puppys cozy in the winter n.y. weather


hardware monkey
lol... maximum hardware specs? so, if you upgraded your processor past the max, then the game wouldn't let you play anymore? haha... i don't think that would go over very well with a majority of gamers.. including me. :p


OSNN Senior Addict
i mean, most games say that the recommended specs are no higher than 750-900. If you have a decent video card (geforce 3-up/comparable ATI) i don't see they need to overclock. i've been using my system for almost 4 years (maybe, i'm not good at math) anyway, got it in dec. 1999, with only a 512MB ram upgrade, 500MHz to 1.4GHz celeron processor upgrade, and a GF256 to GF3Ti500 upgrade( and like 3 harddrives, b/c they kept going down on me, but dell paid for new ones, so i can't complain, the one i have now is some sort of 40GB western digital), and i can run UT2k3 at 1074/762 (whatever it is) at high to max (if i'm playing offline) and see no performance drop. so i think at 2.53, you have enough computing power to be good for the next 3 years.

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