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P4 Overclocking question / It wont, help please



I recently put together a new system. With everyone talking about how easy it is to overclock the P4 I went back to Intel. My multiplier is locked and all I can do is to overclock my ram, that does not get me much. Very dissapointed. Does anyone know how to unlock the multilier or how to buy P4's that are unlocked?

P4 2.4 800fsb
Geil DDR 400 512 X2 (1 gig)
MSI Neo2
WD 80gig

If I have to buy a new cpu then I do but I dont see anyone advertize locked and unlocked. I bought mine from New Egg, it is a retail.

Any help is very much aprieciated. Thanks Ben
P4 does not allow overclocking the multiplier. You have to overclock the front side bus (fsb). The MB must support overclcoking the FSB and setting the AGP, PCI and memory clocks independently of the CPU FSB.

PS With an 800 FSB you are pretty high already. It has been pushed to 1000 FSB but only with a vapor cooling system. Don't expect to get too much more without running into thermal problems. Its the 400 and 533 FSB chips that overclock nicely.


I wanna know if you are a kind of person that leave your computer on 24/7, should you overclock your system? Plus i have a p4 with 400 fsb and how much should i overclock it.

Bronx Bomber

actually, if you are lucky, you can overclock the multiplier.
that is, if you are lucky enough to have gotten an engineering sample. like the name says, these are processors that have been tested by the designers/engineers. some of them do eventually end up back in the market, although this is kinda rare.

there are lots of things that you can tweak on your p4, like voltages and ram settings.
and they do have a high limit, even if you keep it air cooled.

for example, ive gotten my 2.6 800mhz fsb up to 3Ghz and it was compleltey stable.

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