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P4 Motherboard that supports DDR 400mhz?

ok don't think so, it would seem that the most that is supported is PC2700 (DDR333) There are only a handfull of Athlon boards that support DDR400 (VIA KT400 chipset)
ASUS boards support ddr400, i have the P4S533
this board supports 133 fsb for the new p4s and 200mhz (ddr400) memory speed, you can oc real easy with this board too, i've got my p41.8a oc'd to 2.4 and did have ddr333 oc'd to ddr400, but had too many errors so i dropped it back to auto settings, btw this board only supports ddr400 on a 133mhz fsb, not the 100 like for a 1.8mhz p4


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Well as was said by Goatman there aren't very many boards that support DDR 400 spec for Intel or AMD.
(133mhz fsb) * (4/6 cpu to memory ratio) = 200mhz

i can do this in my bios for the p4s533 notice the "533" that's a 133mhz fsb using quadspeed architecture of the p4... the board only supports 333 if you have a p4 with a 100mhz fsb, but your going to o/c it anyway to a 133 mhz fsb, which opens up support for ddr400(200mhz)


Go Rambus. The newer p4's have a 533 mhz fsb, and the slower DDR can't keep up. The newer Rambus 32 bit PC1200 is already out there.

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