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P4 2.80C 800FSB Temp Question



Hi yall,

I just built a new system with a P4 2.80C CPU and I got a Thermalright SLK-900-U heatsink with a 92mm Vantec Tornado fan. I am currently running the system at around 31-33C idle and under gaming loads, I peak at around 41C. I personally feel that those temps are on the good side, especially considering the airflow it doesnt recieve since I have installed it in my desk compartment and closed the door since it is so loud of a fan.

My question is this, because my fan is so darn loud, I am either going to get a fan controller or a slower, not so loud fan. If I get the fan controller, what tempature should be an average 2.80 800FSB temp at idle, and what should be the average under gaming loads. Also, what should be the extreme temp that I should encounter?


You'd be wanting to get low temps with a $60 heatsink wouldn't you ;)
I'd agree with Cosmin, I wouldn't like to get much more over 55 degrees full load. The vantec fan is called a tornado for a reason, but a fan controller can fix this without lowering the airflow too much. With your desk compartment open you will get a lot better airflow too, so temps might even drop with a slower fan...


okay ... I have a question then .. There is THIS FAN which moves 63.4 CFM, that is a good amount of airflow, but I am not sure how loud 39.5 dBA .... They dont have it listed at THE LISTENING ROOM so I dont know exactly how loud it would be. One question I have about this fan, however, is if it would fit onto the 92mm groove on the heatsink. I mean, I know it would fit, because it is obviously smaller, but would it slide around on it since it is not a snug fit or will the clips fit into it (they are a REAL tight fit getting it onto the 92mm .. which I suppose it is supposed to be, I dont know how it would do with a 90mm fan)

And then there is THIS FAN CONTROLLER, which is more expensive than the fan listed above. But with this controller and the tornado, I would have lots of headroom if I ever did need that extreme cooling.

I guess its just a preference question, but what would you guys go with?


The only problem with that is that it is only a 3 pin connection and on the tornado .. I think the 3 pin connection that connects to the mobo only tells fan speed (i may be wrong) ... cause when the tornados 4 pin connector is not connected, the fan doesnt spin. Will this work for sure with this fan?

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