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P4 2.4 temps


Arte et Marte
Just built my new beastie:

Abit BE7 (845PE) DDR333
P4 2.4 PC533 "Northwood"

Have not installed O/S yet, just run it up to check BIOS & temps. Im sure the temps are ok - just need a bit of reasurance from you chaps.

(without case fan)
CPU temp 45 deg C
system temp 40deg C

with case fan)
CPU temp 40 deg C
system temp 30 deg C

As the case fan is too noisey for the wife to bear, are temps "normal" for this CPU to run at 45 deg? (obviously higher than my old P3 & AMD 950). The manual does say temp warning is default at 75 deg C, so am I just being too finicky?


Those temps seem fine. You've got nothing to worry about, Abit boards have been known to report temps 5-10C higher than they really are anyway. Now time to overclock :D
Also all of us with SFF Pcs have to put up with our Cpu`s running hotter.

My Intel 2.4b runs at 45 (idle) - 58 (Games) in a SS51G case and has been rock solid since day 1 ..7 months ago.

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