P2k Commander Lock Up


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27 Oct 2006
Hi everyone,
As you can see I'm brand new to thios site, but have had moderate experience with phones. Anyways, my question has to do with the verizon cdma V3m and p2kcommander. I got my phone not too long ago and found that I needed to seem edit in order to get music through mpt. So I did that I also edited the motorola startup animations to run. I obviously had to run p2kcommander while in p2kseem so it worked fine then. Then I discovered that even in Mpt I couldn't get music becuase of connection problems so after about 5 updates to mpt and changing the modem for my phone in mpt manually to Cdma-V3cm It worked. Problem is the mp3's would not show up in my music. I then figured out they had to be wma. SO after that I copied 35 songs to my transflash using my media card reader and microsd adapter, but only 14 showed up. After asking around at motomodders.net and being informed that I need to then delete 2 files that create themselves on my phone everytime it starts up, in order to get more music everytime I copy music. I then preceeded to use p2kcommander to delete them, but it just locks up. I get that connected/disconnected windows sound many times and then when it stays solid on I run p2kcommander. Everything works other tahn trying to connect to my phone. After clicking p2k phone it freezes for about a minute then teh screen to find the files on it comes up. In the lower left in the log box it says "0 files found" twice and then said (only saw this once) USB I/O Error. Then becomes non-responsive and forces me to end it now. Anyone have any idea whats going on here. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Do you have PST or MSU running in the backround befoer you try to use either p2k program? If not that would be the issue.
What I'm saying is if you don't have one of thoses running p2k... won't work. How does you phone show up in device manager when it is plugged in with no programs running?
Ok. Sorry for the misunderstanding, but it shows up as "Motorola Usb Modem".

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