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-P LED and +P LED??


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can someone explane to me what -P LED and +P LED is?? I know it has something to do with some sort of LED light but I don't know what -P and +P is -_-'

thanks for any help.


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is it something your reading out of a manual or see on your mother board? my gigabyte board has + and - on all the lil plugs that u hook your power button and hdd led and all that nice stuff upto and if thats what your talking about it just tells you what way to plug them in kinda like how a battery has the + and - on each side.


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I have 2 small plugs coming from where the power is and such and it says +P LED and -P LED

does that P means that it's power??
If it's a 2 prong (single color) LED, then - is obvioulsy negative and + is obviously positive. The positive lead on the LED is the longer one. The negative lead on the LED is the shorter one. This varies from manufacturer, but there is usually a notch on one side of the base of the LED. That usually is the negative as well.

(I used to design LED signs) :)


is there a reason why you cant refer to your Users Manual...it usually shows an illustration....showing the connection on the motherboard and the + (positive) - (negative) connectors. LED is the IDE Activity Light on the front of your Case....if connected right should flicker (usually red) with the HDD has activity...connecting these two backwards will not blow up your computer...but will simply not work....just reverse them back.

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im guessing the only reason you want to know the connections of an LED is so you can stick a nice neon blue daylight LED; which would not be documented in the MOBO manual.
and as jroc said LEDS are diodes and only work one way round.
but im thinking that P most likely means power and goes to your power indicator on the front

one thing you need to keep in mind... Some LEDs require more current that others, some less. If you try to use an LED that requires more voltage and/or current you man not get it to light up at all even connected properly. High intensity LEDs require a lot more voltage/current that standard LEDs. Also, putting in an LED backwards CAN destroy it. If you hooked it up wrong once and it won't work you may try testing the LED with an external power source. Try using a AAA battery and only for a second.


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lol, no, I'm not putting on neon lights or anythihg, it's part of the case that has one connecting thingy that says -P LED and another one that says +P LED, so I'll just take it it means power and the manuall says where to hook it up but it doesn't say which connector is + and which is -
Originally posted by Un4gIvEn1
Also, putting in an LED backwards CAN destroy it.
I'm pretty sure that would require high voltages. Hardly at 5V.

If you hooked it up wrong once and it won't work you may try testing the LED with an external power source. Try using a AAA battery and only for a second.
Now THAT could destroy the LED since there is no current limitation (very short time could be ok, but don't count on it). You should definately use a resistor even if it's harder.

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when you put an LED in with high voltage then if your holding it it will melt your finger and say for example a red led would go orange which means its got too much voltage and probably burn out

and you cant blow an LED up by reversing the flow of elecrticity the only way you could is by going way over its max power rating

scsa20 connect the led plug up to the mobo i had this same problem with hdd light and switched it around. it wont blow your mobo up it just wont have a light
if your just hooking up your power led, just put the color lead on + and the white on - (most cases use a white and color(red, orange, etc) for leads to each) if it doesn't light try reversing them.......
no 4 year electronics degree needed for that........

btw ..ive played with digital circuits since i was in Jr high.......:confused: weeeeeeeee

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