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Overwriting DirectX files in System32?



I have posted here numerous times over having problems with random freezing in games since installing SP1.

I have always been convinced that it was conflicting dll files and now I think I have found a solution. There is a known conflict with
DirectX 8.1/XP/AMD and the solution is a particular version of the d3d8.dll and the ddraw.ll.

Trouble is SP1 has installed a new dll for each of these and as it is newer I cannot overwrite the newer files in the System32. Out of all the Direct X files these two are the only files that the SP pack has altered. All the rest are the original XP CD install files. The two files I want to put on are a higher version than the original but lower than the SP1 files.

Does anyone know of a way of deleting the 2 SP1 dll's so I can install the ones that AMD/Microsoft have stated as solving the problem.
Every time I try to overwrite them the SP files appear again Even after renaming them to old they still come back in their original state when I try to put the other files on.

AMD Athlon 1.4 DDR
512mb DDR RAM (PC2100)
Creative Audigy
GeForce 3 Ti500
Windows XP Home Edition with SP1
Overwriting dll's

Hey bossdodgers if your drive is FAT32(if not then Google for a small free ute called NTFSdos and copy it to your 98 bootdisk, once you boot up just run NTFSdos from the disk which will grant access to your NFTS drive via the 98 bootdisk) first make a backup to floppy the dll files in question and take note as to there location, also have available on floppy the new dll files. Boot to a 98 disk, access the folders that contain the dll files and delete them and then simply copy to there respective locations the new dll files. That should do it for you.

Good luck :)

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