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Overheating / b0rked card or driver trouble?

Yesterday, I had a few hiccups with my computer (with the ti4200 8x I bought about a fortnight ago).

First off, I had the PC on, and I went downstairs for a bit (turned the monitor off, and went away as normal). I came back about an hour to 2 hours later, and turned the monitor on and knocked the mouse, only to be presented with an "Out of Range" box bouncing around the screen with the Hz randomly changing. My thinking was "WTF?!", so quickly hit the reset button on the case and rebooted the machine. When it had rebooted, it was all OK, but a while later (after playing Q3), I exited the game to desktop and there were little jittery lines all over the screen. I tried opening WinFox to check temperatures on the graphics card, but I couldnt read anything on the menu (was garbled big time), I then took a screendump to paste it in Photoshop (to see if it would show the little glitches) but the PC froze half way through Photoshop initialisation, and then rebooted (didnt see any blue appear onscreen as in a bsod).

It rebooted fine, but I quickly uninstalled the 41.09 drivers, installed the 44.67 whql drivers from guru3d (got the link from the nvidia drivers thread) and re-aligned my 11" deskfan blowing into the case, and it was alright until I turned it off to go to bed. I have to admit, its a bit worrying... I'm not sure if its a sign of a dodgy card, or if its just a heat issue as my bedroom was the hottest room in the house yesterday, even with the window open and the deskfan on (albeit aimed in the pc), so it could just be heat and I'm worrying about nothing... still a problem if it wont keep running stable (like it had until yesterday).

Could it also have anything to do with the driver set? Although I had aimed the deskfan more in the PC at the same time...

Thanks for any advice given... I'm gonna phone ebuyer later today if I need to, so I can arrange a replacement.
With artifacts showing up after gaming (heating goes up) I'd say the Vid Card is on it's way out.

I and my gaming buddies have lost an unusual number of the Ti 4xxx cards to premature death. It always started with artifacts or lock up during gaming.

Get the card in for a warantee exchange or repair! I actually underclocked my card and ran it for 3 months after it got dodgy hoping it would all go away or was something else. It died completely a month after the warantee ran out.

The good news is I have heard only good news about TI-4xxx cards being replaced with no hassles.

PS The 41.09 is a very good driver and was not to blame.
Thanks for the reply,

I sent it back on Friday 15th, and received a new one today (Monday 18th) - so I gotta recommend ebuyer's service :)

All seems well so far

/me touches wood :p

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