Can someone tell me how this is done to a CPU? i would like to test my 1.4ghz cpu and see if i can get it to go faster.....but everywhere i go i only see people that have done it......no instructions on how to do it. Is tehre a a program that will change your cpu settings.......because i tried to change some settings in bios but they were greyed out. What do i have to do to overclock. And please do not send me to overclockers.com........cause i found no help there at all!



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You have 2 options..overclock your FSB (front side bus) or change your multipler...

Now changing your multiplier involves actually making modifications your CPU...now this route is clearly not easy..

Your easiest route is the FSB...now some motherboards have a jumper..others have settings in the bios. You'd see the FSB represented as a measurement in mhz...like 100, 133...etc..see if your bios has an option to bump it up a bit. like if it was at 100, you'd first wanna try 112....

If you don't see an option for changing the frontside bus speed on your computer in the bios..then you probably have jumpers for it...for changing jumpers you would need to consult your motherboard manual...

Sorry if thats not clear, but it all kinda depends on what type of processor exactly, what type of cooling, and most important, what type of motherboard you have when it comes to overclocking

Some motherboards are overclocking friendly. others make it almost impossible

da rock

just something for you to think about, when you over clock your
cpu, memory , vid. card, etc. you also start increasing the temps of
your comp. be sure you have proper cooling or be ready to buy new parts!


Each computer is different there are no "real" instructions... The basics are the same however... If you hace a 1.4 I'm assuming Athlon NOT XP then the "modofacations" to the cpu are very simple and involve a graphite pencil, a good eye, and a steady hand... An XP is a little different simce AMD built in some more "OC unfriendly" counter measures... Tomshardware will walk you through both and even has a "video" on the XP method... If your 1.4 is the right kind and you get enough cooling you can do some good things with it... My ayjha has hit 1.64 already with plain watercooling but the Mobo holds it back...

Overclockers.com has a lot of good info also... Don't overlook their forum...

But if the bios has the speed settings greyed out the whole discussion is moot...

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