How can i overclock my graphics card and processor without them blowing up as im affraid of ruining them.

Can u recommend any good overclocking software.

I overclocked my piece of rubish GF2MX to 200Mhz Core and Memory Speed :)
I got a BlueORB and SDRAM heatsinks stuck on... (my room is freezing and the size of the case is off) job done.

I use the Overclocker build in with the new 23.11 drivers from Nvidia!
I bought the cooling kits from www.overclockers.co.uk

1. Thermaltake A1092 Memory Cooling Kit

2. Thermaltake TGF020 Blue-Orb Chipset Cooler

Only modification I did was drilling a little whole for a tit of a resistor to sit in, it was smack bang in the middle of two pieces of SDRAM which stop the RAM heatsinks from lying flat.


P.S. Click here for cooling section
Sys Spec:
Duron 850MHz
256Mb PC133
Geforce 2 MX400
50Gb HDD
Im looking for a GF2 MX400 that is PCI and has 64MB SDRAM and 128bit memspeed, PNY and a few others do them but are not sold here in the UK (sh1t!)

My GF2 is limited by the 32MB SDRAM and 64bit memspeed.

Come one OCuk!:cool:
so i cant overclock without extra cooling then?? or is there a limit i can go to without cooling?


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