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18 Oct 2002
some guy came to fit my new processor today as he recently blew it up. he told me i should overclock it.

amd athlon xp 2000+ 1.6ghz

is it worth overclocking? what speeds could i get it at? are there any websites which educate ya about overclocking(how to, etc..) or any software what tell you how fast it could handle or something inclding the motherboard, any help appreciated
Question is..do you need to overclock it? Dont do it just for the sake of it. Perhaps that guy will come and replace your next one once you blow that too.
Ha good post Teddy!

Yeah think carefully...
is there a need for you overclock? if there is I am sure there are many here who can help you out...

if it is a geek factor thing than consider it for its merits...
if your thinking about over clocking why dont you save up for a bigger cpu?
I had an Athlon 2100+ (1.73GHz) processor which I underclocked to a 1500+ (1.3GHz) because of the heatwave last summer. I found it quite comfortable running my machine at the lower speed and haven't required any increase at all. Everything runs very smooth (with the exception of a very few and rare bumps when opening too many apps at the same time.)
Actually, one thing that I find useful is HyperOS. Since I have an image of the partition of Windows that I'm running, if anything goes wrong or if the system slows down too much, I just wipe it out and restore the image. (This is one reason why I don't need to overclock or even use my cpu at it's original speed).
Windows usually slow down because of all the junk you throw into the registry. Even if you use registry cleaners it doesn't get rid of all the junk that's causing the system to slow down.
well i havent exactly decided to definetly overclock.
just i recenlty spent £200 on an upgrade for a thunderbird 1.2 to a athlon xp 2000+ 1.6

i got this upgrade around xmas time with some left over cash cost £200 amongst other things. the guy actually was experimenting with the comp and he ended up blowing the processor so he fitted me wit a 900mhz thing till the new one arived. it finally arrived months later TODAY!!!! i was out at the time so i never got to speak to him diretly, but he told me dad i should think about overclocking it.

i dont really want to save up for another upgrade because i have finally just got this 1 finished.

i dont know if i will overclock i would just like to read about it, find out how to do it and see if its worth me overclocking, i'm not really happy with 1.6 coz i do alot of things on my computer so i would like to think overclocking as a possiblity.

any weblinks or help appreciated.
Any overclock level you could reach with that CPU would give you no noticeable speed increase in gaming.

Unless you are doing video editing or other processor intensive functions there is just no point to overclocking.

Bottom line. Not worth the risk, especially if you aren't experienced at it.

1) search in here there are several threads
2) overclockersclub

You will also need to look at cooling upgrades if you overclock.

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