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Hi there, euhm i have kind of a problem and a request, like i have a 450 mhz AMD K6 3D processor (old 2 years) and it's so slow it's kinda killing me when i run some applications that require almost all of my cpu, but i was wondering how i can overclock the processor and what do i have to do for it, and can i overclock this one? I know pretty much about computers for my age (15) but please try to be clear when you explain cuz i'm not farmiliar with processors, more with software:)


Well, most brand name machines don't offer much in the way of overclocking. The only thing I can think of is changing the frontside bus speed. I'm not really sure about K6-2s, I had a k6-3, and ran the FSB at 109 mhz and it was pretty stable. That's with a quality mainboard though. You may be stuck my friend, but never fear, hardware is cheap nowadays....save some cash, beg your parents for money, and upgrade that baby.


What's FSB? I have an idea but im not sure, i've got an K6-2 i think, how can i check my fsb? and how do i make it faster?
fsb stands for front side bus speed. it's the speed at which your processor "talks to" other components in your system, like your ram, your video card, etc.

you'll need to get into the bios (basic input output system) to change the fsb.

to get into the bios, hit the delete key when your computer boots up. it could be another key, but delete is usually the correct one.

after getting into the bios, change the fsb only slightly and then exit and save changes.

keep bumping the fsb speed up a little at a time and test to see whether your 'puter works.


hardware monkey
haha... koko, if you only knew...

that's not true, g-lizard. your system is a bit too old to have a bios which lets you change anything by simply changing numbers. if you can change the fsb or multiplier on that machine at all, you'll have to open it up and get into the guts. there should be a clusterf**k of jumpers on the motherboard. do you have the documentation that came with your machine? there might be a motherboard map that defines what all the jumpers do, but maybe not, since it's a packard bell.

my girlfriend used to have a 380mhz k6-II compaq and i found the motherboard map online and, by switching a jumper or two, upped the fsb from 95 to 100 (x4) to make it 400mhz. i think that was the most the motherboard supported so that was it.

but look for something similar. if you find it and have questions, let us know.


like where can i find those maps on the internet, i do know that my motherboard is from the Miami type...and my bios is from American Megatrends...i'm not good with jumpers and stuff, the only jumpers is know are those from my cdrom and harddrive...so


if they still support your pc they should have manuals for your mobo and how to configure your pc correctly


Damn...euhh if ure there click the last picture of the desktops and then look for the miami motherboard..

Does that help anything?


well i send them an email that asked if they had a map of my motherboard with all the connectors and jumpers on it and if they had any information bout the fsb and overclocking etc

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