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I have an nVidia TNT 2 and I am going to use the overclocking utility and tutorial on this site to overclock it. I need to know this..... the core speed is normally 150 mhz as well as the memory speed. What should I overclock to? I just have no idea how high to go, I want a nice performance jump, but I don't want to destroy the card. Please help guys.......


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Just slowly notch it up till you start to get artifacts or lock up then notch it down right below and let it run so you can see about any heat problems.

Although your not gonna get much of a peformance jump at all out of a TNT 2. prices on geforce 2's and 3's are dropping rapidly, you might wanna check out pricewatch.com and invest in a new board. now that the geforce 4's are out everything is gettin cheaper


Well, I'm already planning on a geforce 4 mx, but until I get that I figured I'd overclock just to get some improvement iven if its not much.


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If I was you i'd serious reconsider getting a geforce 4 mx....the geforce 4 naming scheme is the worst in history...the geforce 4 mx has almost no benefits over a stander geforce 2mx...there are a few reviews around the web of the various geforce 4's with price comparisons and all.

If you are looking for a cost effective solution you would wanna get a geforce 3 TI 200 and most can be overclocked to almost ti500 lvls.

As for the geforce 4 mx's they are misleading..just read around, try tomshardware.com and sharkeyextreme.com and also tbreak.com for more info on them

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