Overclocking Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra Black Edition


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24 Mar 2002
I have this board and an AMD Athlon XP 2400+. does anyone know how i would go about OCing?
you could start by going into your bios, "soyo combo feature" menu, and upping your "cpu frequency mode" to, say, 150mhz and change your "cpu to pci divider" to 5. save this and try it for a while and see if it's stable and watch your temps.

if after some testing/game-playing all is good, then go back and add some "frequency 1mhz stepping" to bring it to like, 158mhz. try that for a while. basically, just see how high you and your computer feel comfortable with.
the cpu to pci divider was locked as well as the 1 mhz stepping
Rumor (Sazar actually) has it that AMD started locking multipliers on recent builds.

The XP 2000 TBred I have appears locked also. I overclocked by 5% using the FSB but to go higher than that you need to adjust the FSB-PCI multiplier which my MB does not support.
how do i change the fsb
Read the manual? Its different for every BIOS/Board.


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