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I have a classic athalon 700 (The bigass ones) on an ASUS K7V. On the processor, I have a large heatsink and 2 fans. I also have a slot cooler in my case. (And it has holes in the side...) Here's the board manual. ftp://ftp.asus.com.tw/pub/ASUS/mb/slota/k7v/k7v-101.pdf

1. Any way to unlock the multiplier without a goldfinger device?
2. What should I bump it to if I can unlock it with my current cooling?
3. Where do I go to change my FSB on my mobo & what should I change it to?
4. CPU frequency option is there. Looks like it IS my version of a FSB option. Odd. Am I right? What should I change it to?
5. Any other stuff I should change?


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I have a 650 on the same MoBo in one of my Daughters 'Puters. It was my first Athlon after my K6-II's. Leave it alone. They ran hot and if you try to O/C they got really hot. Trust me, I tweeked it every which way there was to tweek. It would lock up and be very unstable. It runs great at normal settings. :)


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ya, the older athlons didn't OC well, you can try bumping up the FSB slightly if your bios supports it, but i'd definitely get motherboard monitor so you can see your temps as older athlons ran hot as fire.


"Anything for $50!"
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Well, I was told I could bump the CPU Freq. up to 115. I do have 2 fans and the heatsink on it plus the slot cooler. It's also in a fairly cool basement...

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