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Overclocking help!!!

I have been attempting to overclock my amd 64 3200+ lately, and it has been going crazy. I am running the MSI neo4 platinum board, with antec neopower psu and a sapphire x700pro videocard. I talked to a friend, shepscrook, and read up on how to overclock, but when i tried to raise the clock in the bios, i know there are other things to raise or change like the multipliers, but i tried doing this a bit first. However, when i tried to save the changes and exit the bios, the computer exited to a black screen like it was turning off, but the computer was still running and still on.

Any ideas what is wrong with this???

And also i would basically like to overclock my cpu to around 2.6ghz, which should be pretty stable with my setup, i have like 5 case fans and a good zalman heatsink with fan, and artic silver 5. My temp is always around 27C under load, never seen it higher really. So i should be fine.

But basically i was wondering, what i should change, or if someone has a walkthrough or some suggestions, besides reading up on it, because i have tried that, i would like a persons opinion, and most write ups i found were for p4's. Any help would be appreciated, or if someone would be willing to walk me through it on AIM, that would be nice too, i have another comp i could use for talking to you while i overclock.
what are your memory timing currently?

If they are 1T change it to 2T and change it from 200mhz it 166 in the bios, boot up the pc and then try tweaking....I think there is a prog called amd64 tweaker that is good.

Im at work now so I will post links etc later. I have my 3200 venice running at 2.6ghz so it is possible
Also, do you have any idea why when i try to save my bios settings that computer gets into the wierd state i described above and then i need to reset the cmos to return it to default settings?
tonight i am trying my overclocking for sure, i have been busy, but i am doing it tonight for sure. I have all the necessary programs now, so the next thing i am to do is the overclocking itself. Hopefully it works though...

I dont know if anyone caught this before, but my biggest problem was that my computer would not restart after i exited the bios, it just sat on with a black screen, and i had to reset the cmos to fix it. Did you guys see that?
I got that a couple of times, it seemed like it had hung, but after about 30secs it started and on boot up said there was a prob with the bios setting and forced me to go into the bios to make changes.
Do you know why????

Also i have found some good write ups on the amd64 overclocking, so i am gonna follow them tonight when trying to overclock. I will let everyone know how it goes.

Also i dont know if anyone would want to, i can understand if no one even replies, but it would be cool to have someone who has a strong understanding of overclocking to help walk me through it. If you would be so kind we could talk over aim, or some other messenger. But if someone would want to help just post.

Shamus MacNoob

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I find with overclocking it is always a long process, you need to learn just how your setup will react, one thing is for sure its lower the memory timings to start and you will need to add to your voltages as you go higher , vcore for cpu and vdimm for ram , its all trail and error , make sure you know how to reset your board if you try a setting and it wont post make sure you know how to get it to reset I believe if you hold the "insert" key on boot MSI boards revert back , there might be a jumper also you can move to kick start at like 100mhz FSB , the real thing is to start with small changes and not more then one at a time , example change the multiplier , then boot test for a while , then change the FSB test for a while , thgen tighten memory a little test again , it really is something that is done over time.

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