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Overclocking an AMD 2400XP


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Is there anyway to soft o/c this processor, its at present running at 2ghz, is it possible to make it go faster, i have the m/b set to the highest mhz i think 266 or something, this is the only restraint i don't want to do anything physically to the processor apart from a new heatsink.

You probably can't change the multiplier with that chip. You have to overclock the FSB. Go to the Nvidia website and look around. They have an overclocking utility for nvidia chipset based motherboards. It lets you overclock through software so if the PC craters the original settings are restored on reboot.

Gigabyte also has an FSB overclocking software tool. Check their website.

Make sure the AGP and PCI slots do not also get overclocked when oyu increase the FSB, that can damage add in cards (sound, video, etc.). Sisoft Sandra (freeware) will tell you your actual PCI and AGP speeds.


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so if i overclock the fsb, could this damage the mobo? also will i get any noticable effects from doing it?


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This is something you really need to study its simple yet also not as simple, first up if you start messing with the FSB then you start to strain other things like the RAM , what RAM do you have?

And if you really want to see a difference then going from 266 to 275 wont do anything at all , the real trick is to set RAM=FSB or 1:1 and from 266 to 300 would be a start , but to do this you need to know what your doing and how to get there.

I suggest you go read about overclocking and what it means because anyone who just tells you to start messing there without you even knowing what your doing is not the way to go.

I would be willing to help you with all kinds but you gotta do the work.

Most XP CPUs built in the last 1-2 year can not be multiplier overclocked. Pencil trick hasn't worked in years, wire trick doesn't work anymore. There are adapter socket$ that may work (not even sure about them anymore).

FSB is pretty much it unless you got lucky.

Check your mother board manual.
1). If the PCI and AGP speeds are locked to the FSB then overclocking is not recommended (fried cards can result). If AGP and PCI are fixed or can be set individually then overclocking is possible.

2). If the RAM and FSB are locked you can still overclock (this is what my MB does, I run my FSB at 184 with my 333 RAM synchronous to the FSB at 368). But if you have 400 mHz RAM then you may need to slow the RAM down which will reduce performance in some applications. Depends on your MB.

So considering all the limitations don't expect to get much performance improvement. maybe XP2800-3000. Overclocking's a fun thing to mess with but your performance is so high now it won't give much improvement.

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