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Overclockers.. i am thinking of trading in my 512mb ram for 1gig.. help!



Ok, here is my question.. right now i have
2 sticks of 256mb Corsiar PC-3200LL running in dual channel. I am running it at 420Mhz fsb rock stable.
the specs on these chips are:
Speed 400 MHz
Organization 2 x 32M x 64
CAS Latency 2-2-2-6-T1
Memory type DDR
Part number: TWINX512-3200LL

Ok, i used to have 768mb of ram before i built this setup, and i miss it.. i can tell a difference and really want more ram. Since i am doing the dual channel thing i guess the only option i have is to get 2X512mb sticks of ram. I only have like $220 to spend on these new sticks of ram. Well, the ram i have now has the timing of 2-2-2-6-T1 and runs fine at that timing overclocked to 420mhz.
Here is what i want to know, i am looking at getting 2 sticks of this ram:
CORSAIR MEMORY XMS Extreme Memory Speed Series 512MB 32MX8 PC-3200C2 With Heat Spreader
Speed 400MHz
Organization 32MX8
CAS Latency 2-3-3-6-T1
Memory type DDR

These chips are only $109 a piece at newegg. They have slower timings of 2-3-3-6-T1. Here are the questions i have.
1. Will these chips run at 420Mhz easy without relaxing the timings any?
2. If i buy them not as a "Twinx" set, will they still run fine in dual channel?
3. How much slower will they be since the timings are slower than my current ram?

Ok, thanks!!


Nissan Powered
I would sugest something but the mods tend to look down on me every time I sugest something other then corsair ram in the forums :(



I have that exact corsair memory with silver heatspreader. Its running with my P4PE and P4 2.4 C1 stepping. I was wondering if i should get 512k more memory to make 1Gb even. I've experienced lagging and so forth and I am not sure if I can blame it on the memory or not. I have my FSB @ 150 making my memory 400Mhz. I'm not sure what to expect out of this memory since I have no real experience with good memory but I'd like to hear some peoples opinions on whether 1Gb is a waste in my case in terms of performance gain vs, money spent.


hardware monkey
i know for a fact games are already utilizing over 512mb of physical memory. so my 2x512mb shoud be arriving any day now. :cool:

Originally posted by Krux
I would sugest something but the mods tend to look down on me every time I sugest something other then corsair ram in the forums :(
*cough* crucial! *cough* :mad:


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