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Overclocked temps


Mr Dead

Ok ive just unlocked my XP2100 and set the multiplier to 11 and fsb to 166 to get 1826 mgz. My idle temps are now 50C and under 100% load for several hours of video encoding I hit around 58C. Are these temps acceptable or is time to upgrade that cooler (possibley to water cooling)?


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These temperatures are pretty much over limit for your processor . You haven't specified the type of cooler that u're currently using .. there are some factors that the temperature depends ..

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From what I have seen those temperatures are pretty well within the tolerance level. Maybe the idling is a bit high but nothing to worry about. My p4 idles at around 40c & under full load get to about 51c.
Well, my XP 1900

ran at about 70c for three months, untill I got a volcano 9, now runs at 32c idle, 38c load.

So, don't worry.


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athlon xp processors ... tbred and palomino are DESIGNED to work @ upto 90 degrees C...

in light of which you are doing fine...
Originally posted by Mr Dead
Ok ive just unlocked my XP2100 and set the multiplier to 11 and fsb to 166 to get 1826 mgz....
Is that one of the T-bred Athlons or the Palomino core? If it the Palomino core, that's cool, cause I was wondering how stable they would be at the 166 clock.

Mr Dead

Its the palamino core and so far its running stable. Just ordered the following water cooling system -

1x Danger Den Maze3 Lucite Top 1/2 inch Fittings & Mounting Kit
1x Danger Den Z Chipset Lucite Top 1/2 inch Fittings & Mounting Kit
1x Black Ice Extreme Radiator1x 120mm YS-Tec Fan
1x Eheim 1250 Water Pump
1x Danger Den Reservoir
2m Clear 1/2 inch Hose
4x Nylon Hose Clamps
1x Water Wetter

+ ive ordered a nice new aluminium case. when all this is up and running and I crank those volts up I should get up some serious speed!! (HOPEFULLY!!!)

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