Overclock a Geforce 2 MX200


25 Feb 2004
Anyone know how I can get a major increase in performance by overclocking without blowing up my Geforce?

I can change the clock frequencies (core clock & memory clock).
well there ya go...just slowly move the clock and mem frequencies up and see what your busting point it, I recommend using powerstrip to do it as it is easier to reboot and change the setting should they fail

oh and just to let you know...no increase you do is going to give you a major performance increase as in the chips just aren't made to be as highly clocked as a full geforce sorry man
Try upping the fsb if you have'nt already,That will give everything a nice little boost:D
Originally posted by FriedXp
Try upping the fsb if you have'nt already,That will give everything a nice little boost:D

hi sorry to but in but what is fsb as i would like to eeek a little more out of my geforce2 mx 400
it is the front side bus speed of your motherboard...it will boost your cpu's clock speed and everything else, but it is only really a speed boost for the cpu, upping the FSB itself does not directly help your video board or any pci cards, it mainly the performance of the proc increasing that your seeing
thanks how do i go about it?

if its too much trouble dont worry though :)
It depends what kind of motherboard and processor you got. I have a Celeron 400mhz and a Tekram i440BX-A motherboard, all I did was change a jumper setting on the processor and then in the system BIOS I changed a frequency setting (can't remember the exact switch).

As far as the GeForce2 MX400, I recommend a program called NVMax for that. I have my core/memory set to 240/350.

It's all trial and error, just make sure you have good cooling (or a good house fan, which is what I use).

Forgot to add, I have my Celeron set at 500mhz now, but you got to make sure you have adquate cooling.

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