Over burning !!!!

Ok.. First question. Do they make a CD-R larger then 700meg ?

If not, just how much can you over burn a 700meg CD-R ?

Also, what is a good burning program to do a over burn ?

I have Easy CD and Nero.......




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I knowthat Imation makes 900mb cd's . If you want more u can try DVD's . A good program , hmmm , you're a beginner or ? I also recommend Nero on latest versions .


900meg CD-R's

Infiniti™ Reference Series 99min Compax™
Premium quality, protective coated · Silver/silver · 99min / 900mb (856mb data) capacity · 32x compatible · Multi Speed · 25 discs per pack in a strong protective 'Compax' with securely interlocked base and shell · Records up to 99min with required hardware/software · See http://www.medeainternational.com/info/90min.htm for full details
Thanks dudes.....

Not new at burning..... Just new at over burning. But now that I can get 900meg CD-R's.... Have no reason to over burn...

Thanks again !!!!!!!



a)well, I'm afraid it's not that simple. Only a handful of drives support capacities greater than 700mb. and only a handful of readers can read them also.
I also wouldn't bother going to buy a CD-RW that supports them especially as DVD burners are becoming more affordable.

b)How much can you overburn? 2 minutes is usually a safe guess. Doesn't sound like much? Well 2 mins is 17mb so that can easily make the difference between fitting and not fitting a movie on the CD, for example.


Nero is best for overburning. In fact, It comes with a little utility to test the overburning capabilities of your burner/media combo.
Load (from the start menu) Ahead Nero\Nero Toolkit\Nero CD Speed.
Put a blank 700MB CD in the drive and select your burner from the bar near the top.
Then choose "overburning test" from the "Extra" menu of CD-Speed.
It should be self explanatory from there.

Once you have done that, you should have an idea of how much your media can *really* hold, or how far the drive can burn, depending on which comes first.

Then go into Nero Burning ROM and choose File --> Preferences --> Expert Features and enable overburning. You can adjust the times if you wish according to Nero CD-Speed's results, but leave a margin for error and because it varies. How big the margin should be I don't know as I just leave it on default.

Once you have put say 710MB of data into the project, go to the write dialog and make sure you have Disc-at-Once selected as your writing method.