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over 2TB!



just finished assembling some servers (my first experience!)...was kinda fun, cabling them was a PITA, but it was cool...attached a picture


i work for a medical company...these are servers that are going in a demo for a trade show, hooking them up to 54 workstations. there's 4 servers (1 DNS, 2 RAID-5, 1 test) in the server rack on the right, 3 servers (2 servers, 1 cluster server) in the server rack on the left.

basically, we set up the hardware in a warehouse, pre-stage it, make sure it all works together, get all the workstations added to the domain, networked, etc., etc., and in a few weeks when the trade show rolls around, 3 days prior to the show begins (http://www.rsna.org/), we move everything from this warehouse to the conference center downtown, set it up again there, and when the shows over, pack it all up and send it home.

and they serve medical images for PACS systems (digitally stored images of x-rays) and make them readily available to any hospital/company that's on the network, as well as any doctor from any place (hospital OR home). pretty neat stuff.
Those look like Compaq DL380 G2 Series? I could be wrong though. Sweet! Pacs is a good system. Alot of hospitals are going to this system, I take it that these servers are running Oracle and not Microsoft? IMO Oracle seems to run better with the Pacs system.
hey Jawshoouh..
I agree with mafia69... how do i get a higher resolution copy of that sig. That has to be the most beautiful ass I have ever seen.
Can you post a larger image?
drooling in DC
Posted by jawshoouh
correct and correct, Compaq DL380 G2s and running Oracle :)
Do you do Pacs Administration? I have good eye for servers!! Plus it helps when you work on those same models daily (plus older compaqs and AvIIons).
BTW - I hope you guys have extra fans for those things laying around. They seem to die very fast!!

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