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outta the blue reboots ne idea why?


Daniel Rossi


I have a ASUS P4P800 Deluxe mobo with P4 2.4C (800mhz FSB CPU) CPU latest bios update and drivers for the motherboard, nvidia GF FX 5200 video card, SB Audigy 2 card etc it has 1 gig (2x 512mb sticks of ADATA memory), 300W PSU

You can use the computer and do whatever ive tried memtest and no problems there, ive left the pc on overnight playing a few video files at once continously and still is fine and yet sometimes you can close explorer windows and it will decide to reboot by itself.

Im running Windows XP with SP1, is there anything that could be causing this, the way i sought of see it is that we are using a 2-3yo Operating System on few month old equipment and the trouble is that i cannot recreate the problem. here is a pic of one of the minidump things it has

Any help/info given is very much appreciated


Daniel Rossi

P.S if you need any more info about my system plz ask!


NTFS Stoner
minidump is a waste of time. stop the pc auto rebooting on a system crash. then post the blue screen message. the search button should help you along your way :)

Daniel Rossi

well i have had my computer running all nite and day playing half a dozen video clips continously and doing benchmarks and everything but i cant seem to get it to faulter :( well i dont want the thing to fault but when u want it to to find out why it just wont do it

ill post somethin in a few days time if it'll do it again


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
I do not want to lead you on a wild goose chase (because I have had stability problems too that may be temperature related), but I happen to also have an nvidia FX5200 AGP card in my system and one of the things I have done is actually take some tweaked drivers (wish I could remember where I found them and give you the link!). Anyway I thought I would mention it - blue screen hex '0000000A' I think was my commonplace stop code.

Daniel Rossi

well it might b who knows i had some stop code when i tried runnin windows server 2003 but mind you i didnt at the time install all of the drivers n it was just a fluke thing as it did it once n never again and again no matter what i do one minute i can have my system going and doing nething for as long as i want then boom it does it i reset and everythins fine again

well if u find the link for the drivers plz let me know!
One crash a day is annoying, but sadly, not unusual for Windows XP. Also if you are running FSB 800 and DDR at 400 that is just past the edge of what IMHO technology stably supports now. They've been pushing stuff too hard this year trying to make "faster systems".

See if there is a pattern to when it crashes. Gaming, surfing, specific application running, etc. After dinner, bed time, mornings, etc.

Playing videos is not a very stressful test for stability.
I'd recommend a worse one, but like you said the damn things never fail when running a stress test.

Sisoft Sandra free version has many types of burn in / stability checks - memory only, CPU only, avoid the HD and cdrom tests, they are abusive of the system.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
That driver link...

I dug deep in my memory - googled a thread or two elsewhere and hey presto - here's that link !

You may want to read a bit about the omega drivers before making your decision, but they seem to be working fine for me.

Hope this helps, in my opinion system crashes should really be a thing of the past in the XP world (but of course the real world will always have crashes for one reason or another).


LeeJend, one crash a day is completely unusual for XP. I can count the bluescreens I had on XP the last two years with the fingers of one hand.

The picture attached to the first post clearly shows that this is a STOP 0x1000008E: KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M,
basically the same as 0x0000008E, and the first parameter shows an access violation. These are nearly always hardware compability issues. Maybe the video driver, but maybe anything else as well.

Would agree with Gonzo, disable automatic reboot and see if the blue screen mentions a driver or file by name.

Read something about the error here.


I had no end of problems when I upgraded to the newest (53.03) Forceware drivers for my GF4 ti4600.
I've gone back to the Omega Drivers I was running (used them for about 8 months now), and all my problems disappeared.
I had games crashing and apps Not Responding.

Daniel Rossi

Ok i have a BSOD..

Hi Again,

I finally got a BSOD screen that i could capture, i had my cd burner disconnected when i installed windows xp pro as i used it in another pc for a few mins then i turned off this pc and shoved it back in connected everything up and turned it on it detects the burner etc, windows loads up and detects it and at the same time InCD pops up and says error in ntdll.dll or somethin soo after that i run incd again as if the pc's stable it shouldnt do anything bad to it and then it finally did it and it said:

A problem has been detected bla bla bla....

Technical Info:

Stop: 0x0000008E
(0xC0000005, 0x805B268D, 0xF22D4C20, 0x00000000)

Heres a snapshot of what windows said after it when i went to view the Event Logs: See attached picture

Any more info is more than welcome!!!
o and if it is related to memory, open an explorer window, click tools, folder options, then view.

there will be a tick box that says "open process in a new window"

try that.

Daniel Rossi

well everything i just posted was what it said unfortunately, lol this is always my luck i have to get something that does something that FAQs and people dont know lol but thanks there i will contact microsoft n try to get the patch

Daniel Rossi

well i have got the patch off microsoft and soo far soo good and i hope thats it, if anyone wants a copy of it plz let me know on ere and ill put it on my webspace for a limited time Thanks for everyones help! i really appreciate it

Daniel Rossi

Looks like i spoke too soon

hey all looks like i spoke too soon its still doing the problem and recently it did it again when i had my canon scanner connected and i had a dvd movie in the drive and i never have been bothered to install its driver due to these problems and it started searchin the dvd and it packed itself again, the company i got it off ar bein pricks soo looks like bak to AMD :p last time i go for f'in Intel lol

oh yeh with the amd boards i see there ar sum with nforce and via chipsets, which is the better one? and what do they both have or not have etc
Current favorite has been Nforce 2 (latest versions including ultra). They will provide dual ddr ram (they interleave access between 2 dimm modules and double your memory bandwidth.) Make sure the MB says dual ddr and 400 Mhz FSB. There are some nforce 2 chipsets that don't support dual ddr and are only 333 FSB. If you don't expect to buy a 400 mhz fsb processor you can save a few bucks with the 333 mhz FSB version. Current favorite is the ABIT NF7-S. The ASUS A7N8X (no - or Ultra, the -x is limited version) was a little twitchy for a while and lost its lead.

VIA hasn't been putting a whole lot of work into their top end 32 bit AMD chipsets. They have been focusing on the 64 bit machines where they have a stabuility edge over the nforce chipsets. The KT600 is around but unimpressive (not dual ddr).

Aside from the memory bandwidth prices range from $75-125 depending on what extra goodies are there:

Two on board LANS
Gigabyte on board LAN

PS I just looked at your first post again. That is a pretty heavy load for a 300W power supply. You may be getting a power brown out (input voltage dip) that's causing the power supply to drop out of regulation. That could cause the software exception. Adding USB peripherals (they draw power from the computer) or other extras will aggravate a power supply problem. Pull out anything you don't need (like the extra stick of RAM, extra HD or optical drive) and see if the system is stable for a few days.

Daniel Rossi

thanks for the info about the amd boards and also im not sayin it has anything to do with intel or amd but ive always had amd mobos and had no troublkes i go for a chip that has hyperthreading and boom constant problems but oh well im gonna get a bigger power supply anyway and i shall soon find out if the problems stop.

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