output to monitors just dies randomly.

11 Mar 2004
ok here is the problem i recently put a Xp 2600 in my comp changing from a Xp2400. Now my computer seems to be crashing weird. All of a Sudden the output from my ATI 9700 Pro cuts out. Itys never done this before my computer fans still are going its just no output. I am assuming that my computer is crashing i was watching a video once and thevideo stopped displaying sound. But for the most part this is doing this during idle.

Win XP Pro service pack 1
AMD 2600XP
ATI 9700 Pro latest 4.3 drivers (was doing it with the 4.2 Omega drivers too)
A7V8X Asus motherboard. (latest 4in1s)
Btw i run dual monitors and both outputs to monitors are going are going out.
no offense but what happens when you move the mouse again?
its like the computer is going asleep. but it wont wake up. when i move the mouse nothing happens. Its doing this randomly in idle.i dont think its a temp thing either.

also sorry for the lack of grammer above its been a long day. lol i just readwhat i had typed and even i could barely understand it.
Your system is locking up.

1). If anything is overclocked return it to normal and see if the problem clears up.

2). Check your CPU temperature after its been on for at least 20 minutes (use sisoft sandra, your MB utility program, or reboot and check it under pc health in the bios). CPU should be under 55 deg C (preferably under 50). If it's not post back with your cooling solution and we can provide more help on getting the temp down.

3). How big is the power supply? Not the nameplate rating! Read the label inside for amps at +5V (at least 25), amps at +3.3V (at least 15), amps at +12V (at least 15, 20 if your system uses the P4 connector). Under +5 and +3.3 it will say max combined is ???W, it should be at least 200W. If it is less than this remove anything not needed (usb accessories, unplug the floppy and CD, etc) and see if that solves the lock up problem. If that solve it you need a bigger power supply.

4) If none of that helped you're down to the nasties - RAM speed, MB, maybe the cpu.
Check that the RAM is not running faster than it is rated at. If running at rated speed increase the wait states from 2.0 or 2.5 up to 2.5 or 3.0. If all that fails and you can, try the CPU in another system. That pretty much leaves it at a MB issue.

PS Any day your comp is acting up is a long day, lol.
my motherboard crapped out on me.... i have a feeling the problems before hand were just a precurset to it kicking the bucket.

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