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Outpost Pro - free lifetime upgrades!

Wow, this is a really nice offer! :D

Special Offer!
Buy Outpost right now and get Lifetime Upgrades for Free!

With the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays your friends at Agnitum would like to wish you and your family all the best. We are also eager to offer you something special in addition to good wishes, and that means a special "Christmas Gifts" offer.

Anyone who purchases Outpost Firewall Pro from December 20th through January 10th will get Lifetime Upgrades, free of charge. This would save annual spending of 19.95 for future upgrades of Outpost protection.

Single License
Regular Price: 39.95 USD
and get FREE lifetime upgades!

This limited time offer is effective until January 10, 2005
Dublex said:
Is OPP good, say compared to Norton Firewall?
I'd say so, but rather than taking anyone's word for it, you should install the evaluation version and see for yourself.
Of all the software firewalls, I personally prefer Outpost Pro and Kerio 4.x (although I just use Windows Firewall nowadays)
I've been a long time Sygate user but have recently been miffed by its performance. So I'm shopping around for a new firewall. I'll give Outpost a try. I want something simple but effective that has a user fiendly GUI with logical setting options and it uses very little CPU?

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