Outpost Personal Firewall Pro 2.1 released


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Final version of Outpost Personal Firewall Pro 2.1 has been released.

What's new in version 2.1?

New Outpost Personal Firewall Pro 2.1 takes another step beyond the award-winning 2.0 version. The new version features improvements that make it more reliable, flexible and easy to use.

* Revamped user-interface!
* Strenghtened web surfing security!
* Visual alert messages!
* Improved logging system!

Outpost 2.1 has been publicly released and is available for download from www.agnitum.com. New features include:

* Log file control - set limits to the size or age of log entries retained;
* Rewritten Active Content plugin giving control over Flash plugins, animated GIFs and external content;
* Pop-up alerts now appear for Reported connections - and can be enabled for detected attacks;
* Ad-Filter - individual web sites can now be excluded from ad blocking.

Existing third-party plugins for Outpost 2.0 (like Blockpost and HTTPLog) will also work with version 2.1. Configurations can be carried across from 2.0 except for the Active Content plugin - this will need to be reconfigured from scratch due to the changes made in 2.1.
Download Here



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will give it a go i think hopefully this will not be the cpu muncher that the old one (2.0) was with its silly over the top logging :rolleyes:


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As I said in the 2.1 Beta thread, if logging causes you problems you can disable it.

This version provides options for controlling logging and limiting the database size :)


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Hmm, so I've decided to test OutPost Pro. I've run the scans at GRC.com which showed me as stealth and then at http://scan.sygate.com and the scans showed the ports as blocked but not stealthed and I also ran the scan at symantec which showed me as stealth. I'd rather be stealthed. I'm confused.

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It just seems to be doing the normal firewall thing at the moment.
It seemed to go beserk and demand that everything be reauthorised when I upgraded Trillian 2.01 to 2.011, Trillian seems to have it finger in everything according to Outpost ;)


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Component Control will prompt you a fair bit when you upgrade applications, especially those who hook into everything.

You can of course disable it but i don't recommend doing so.

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I have no problem clicking 2 buttons again, I just thought it was strange that I had to reauthorise Steam, for example, because I had updated Trillian.

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