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Outlook XP: What controls auto fill-in of email addy when typing?


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Hey guys,

I have a user here who is having numerous complaints about her email application "not doing what she wants it to". She stated that for the longest time whenever she wanted to type someone's email address in, she would type the first few letters, and it would automatically populate. I'm well aware of this process. Her complaint though is that as of a few days ago, that stopped occurring, the entire list was wiped out, and she needs to start re-entering those emails.

I was under the impression that she was using her address book and that was wiped, but it wasn't, she never used it to begin with. I have been trying to get her to use it and she still refuses to.

What controls the auto population of the email address in the address fields? If they get cleared out, what causes that?



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There is a file with an extension of .N2K that does the caching you refer to. If it stopped working, it was either deleted, the file is corrupt or the Outlook profile is corrupt.

I want to say this file should live at c:\documents and settings\%username%\application data\Microsoft\

But I can't be sure, I don't have Outlook on this PC atm. I'll check when I get home and get back to you.

You can also search the PC for *.n2k files


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C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\OutlookProfileName.N2K to be exact.

Try restarting the computer. Sometimes restarting (which clears Outlook) will resolve the issue.

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