Outlook XP receiving Plain Text with Attachments, help



Last couple days Ive noticed that a great majority of the email I get is plain text for some reason. Not only is this odd considering the usual mail I get, but all the messages have an attachment with a text file with the exact same contents of the message.

I think ive looked at every option in Outlook and I cant think what I may have done to cause it

any ideas?


Outlook XP sp-2
Windows XP pro build 2600 sp-1


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Ok so what ms did was to hard code in a list of "bad" file types that outlook is not supposed to open into their latest sp's. Dumb idea, and causing lots of anguish. I think this is what you're running into, of course I could be wrong. You can check out http://www.slovaktech.com , he's got a workaround involving an outlook add-in. It's called "Attachment Options". Did you recently do the sp-2 upgrade? Hope this helps