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Outlook questions


xp m0nk3y
I am thinking of switching my email client from Eudora to Outlook. I have a couple of questions.

What is the difference between Outlook and Outlook Express??

Are there any major security flaws? I can remember reading about how email viruses were written for specific flaws in Outlook. Although that was back in '98 or '99. Is that still a problem??



Outlook is a full featured PIM. OE is a full featured Email program. I use both but but Outlook is my primary email client and for some reason I just feel that it is a little more sophisticated than OE (but I've been using Outlook since it was first introduced so maybe I'm just more comfortable with it).

And yes, Eudora is a little more secure than either MS product, but I've never run into any problems.


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Outlook is a package that includes calendar, tasks and scheduling, an expanded contact (address book) section, as well as email. It is meant for contact and meeting management among multiple users. There have been the usual array of security issues, and the latest fix hard coded a list of file extensions that Outlook is NEVER to open. Of course a workaround (third party) came along pretty quick, so people could actually email .exe files again, but it has all been kinda silly. I picked up a copy of Outlook 2000 for about $40, and I use it to keep my (2 job) work schedules straight, but it definitely does a lot that I'll never use. Some seemingly fairly simple operations are achievable with only a lot of hair-pulling, not particularly user friendly if you're using it like I do, only occasionally, but it is a powerful program, and a lot of small companies get a lot of use out of it.

Actually Outlook Express is not that bad of a program, if you're using it for just everyday email. If you want better contact and task management, and more business features then it's probably time to move up (I'm trying not to sound like MS Marketing here, and failing, I'm afraid, so I'll close)

Ask more if you have specific "can it do this?" questions.


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