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Outlook question

I switched from outlook to thunderbird, which was good. But after 3 months of use, i find that i miss some features of outlook, so I want to switch back. Is there a way to import the addresses back into outlook from thunderbird? (Thunderbird was able to take the address book and e-mails from outlook, and i want to place them back) Thanks for any help.

What about the e-mail messages though? What if I want to transfer them over so that I have them on file within outlook to look up older messages etc...
i take it that alot of people moved the thunderbird and then back. while we are on the subject, is there an easy way to trasnfer favorites back and forth between the two browsers?
Yeah, it's pretty straightforward.
To Export from IE: File>Import and Export
To Export from Fx: Bookmarks>Manage Bookmarks; File>Export

Both of them export to simple HTML files that can be imported by any other browser.

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