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outlook question

Hipster Doofus

Good grief Charlie Brown
There was a small app that would do that for win9x. By now there must be one for xp. It has been discussed before here but it was a while ago.


If it is Outlook not Outlook Express

create a new dword value
MinToTray 0x00000001 (1)
Doesnt Outlook as in the one with Office XP already Minimize YoYo?

IVe been looking around for a program for you cam.. but the ones i find seem to be Trail versions only


the regedit fix did not work, the power menu bit just does it once.. you have to right click minimize to tray every time.. kinda lame haha

anything better?

not that im complaining, ntfs (and xp-erience.org) has been the best forum for pc junk ive found. Bytes Back and some others helped walk me through one of the dumbest mistakes i'd ever made ;)

- cam
thats nice to know Cam :D

Ok ive found a program called OutTray.. which unfortuantly is a shareware which only last for 30days (Lame!).. but its only $10 :p

"Outlook is the one program that needs to be open all the time. However, often there is no need for it in the task bar. OutTray sends Outlook and/or Outlook Express to the system tray when it has been minimized in the normal fashion. In this manner, Outlook can be kept running, while out of the way."


10 dollars! insanity.

i might just leave it the way i have it.. trillian autochecks my mail once per minute and a quick doubleclick and it opens outlook for me.

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