Outlook in XP + Duplicate send\receive


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21 May 2004
I am receiving duplicate emails from a contact and vice versa.
The times between the duplicate emails are sometimes immediate some a few minutes. I also get different amounts of dulicates, sometimes 1,2 or 4.

I am only getting this from the one person, and i belive he also hasen't any other problems.

Any help?

I get this too, for some reason when it pulls down me emails from the server it times out occasionally, normally on the same one. Then it doesnt delete them, so it re-downloads them

Only way I have found round it so far is to log on to webmail, manuall y delete all the spam then redownload to outlook
first off ... Welcome to the forums. Now do you save email to the server after you have downloaded it or do you have an rules in place to sort your email??
Because there is a file that keeps track of what you have downloaded from the server and if it gets corrupted it can cause the problem you are having.
Best solution is to remove the save messages to server and then sync your email. Or you can (if you have webmail access to the email account) go into and delete all the emails and then sync up.

I do download it to a server and i have a few rules sent up for various senders of emails i receive, but none of those should interfere with the person that i am have touble with.
I also have a blackberry device that sync's with outlook, and I was thinking this could cause the problem if its not working properly. But this would not explain why it only happens with one contact! :confused:
the rules that you have in place could be the problem if it only happens with one contact. Check your rules again and be sure that the one that applies to the contact with the issue is not conflicting with another rule.

Sorry for the delay. I have been doing abit more testing. I have deleted all the rules and the same thing is still happening. The only thing I can think of trying now is to recreate the *.ost file, I guess it could be corrupt!? Any other ideas would be apprecited.

That fix is for Outlook Express, not Outlook which stores emails differently (as one file not one per folder)

I have checked the replies and it looks like the duplicate messages have a status attached to them saying "This message has been AutoForwarded".
This could have been a previous rule, but as i said i have now removed all rules. Have you heard of any problems where a rule has been deleted but still processes?

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