Outlook - fonts revert to Times New Roman!!


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21 Mar 2002
Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me why every now and then my nice arial font which I use in Outlook will revert to Times New Roman when I do certain things like delete a line break or occasionally paste some text? It's weird, it obviously only happens in rich text or HTML modes, but it's not always consistent.

Reps for any help!

Thanks in advance.
Use the option to "always use my fonts". Although I think they did away with this in 2007 because I can't find it.

That should do the trick for you, maybe.... Now that I think of it, I think I've had this problem with 2003.
Yeah I've got that already ticked but it's not doing anything lol. I should have pointed out, it's 2003 that I'm using.
If I remember correctly it depends on where you make the deletion from. If you put your cursor at the end of your text and hold down SHIFT+CTRL and press END then DELETE it will keep your formatting.
Is there any way to avoid having to do that? I tried just deleted TNR from my computer but that sent it crazy so I put it back.

I hate TNR, why would anyone want it??!! It just reminds me a cheaply produced flyers for a village fête :)
Also, I don't know if it's related but it almost always reverts to the American dictionary instead of UK, even though it's set as UK for the default both in Outlook and Windows.
Do you have Acrobat Professional installed?
I would think that using a sensible font is a good thing no?

I like my non-newsletter emails in plain text or times new roman anyway..

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