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A question mark. It used to be a different icon. I uninstalled it. Deleted it. Downloaded it again and it is still like that. Is it still working?? Thanks.
FIRST OFF... stop posting in caps. It means your yelling.
A question mark in a blue circle? It's always been like that for me.
PseudoKiller said:
FIRST OFF... stop posting in caps. It means your yelling.
Sorry. I did not know that.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------Netrider, I had it before. It had an icon that looked like a fort. Thanks for the replies. How do you know your firewall works?? Bump for more info.
It means that it is set in 'learning mode'/ rules wizard.
Its always in rules wizzard mode by default, this means it ask you each time a application first tries to connect to the internet then you can select to create a rule which will always allow/deny this application connection. This way is very secure and gives you the most control over what connects and what doesn't
The other options are Allow Most (or somthing) which, as it says, allows most connections without asking you expcept very suspect ones. And Deny Most is the opposite. The setting is in the options under policy settings i think
Enyo said:
veronica, the fort icon is only present until the Outpost GUI is fully loaded.

It will then by default load learning mode until you change the mode it will remain in this mode.

More about the modes:

What does GUI mean?? Thanks for all the replies. I thought my

firewall was corrupted. Now I am not worried. I just put it where it has to ask

me if it should let something through. If it is ok, I let it through every time.
GUI = Graphical User Inteface (i.e. the bit you can see)
My Outpost firewall is turning off my computer before it can even save my

settings. I have a proxy and the ads blocked. Please help. Thanks.

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