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12 Jan 2004
Hi, I've set up a computer with 5 users (win xp pro)
Each user has mydoc on the E:\my docs. (so my doc is like a common area)
And in outlook the mail is using E:\my doc\mail as storage place.
All users has it like this. With the same mail adr. but different mail name.
Works like a common mail box. So when you send or recive a mail, everybody sees it.
Works fine for most useres, but:
When user A recives mail, logs out and user B logs on and try to recive mail, it gest the same mail user A just downloaded to the inbox. Ie, you get a copy of the mail.
But this just happens with these two useres.

Any idea?

- Viking of Norway
sound like user A isnt removing the mail from the server...
Well, actually, nobody is.
The mail is still on server for backup reasons.
But The users uses the same mailbox. Everybody got the same mail adr.
So in outlook exp. if you as an example create an folder. This folder is there for everybody. Like a common mailbox.
But user A and B always get an extra mail, even if its already downloaded by the other user. With user C D and E there is no problem. Works like a charm.

To clarify: User A downloads mail, and gets my test mail. If user C D and E logs on the see the new test mail, and if they checks for new mail, there are no new mail (because the newest mail is already downloaded)
If user B logs on, he sees the test mail, but if he check for new mail, he gets the test mail again. So now there is two test mails. same date and time
Its very strange.

I would recommend setting it so it would download the emails and remove them from the server... If user A logs in and get sthe emails, User B (when logging in) will be recognised by Outlook as a different user, and will download all emails in the account which it doesnt already have (therefore the ones which have just been downloaded by user A).

Only way around it is to turn off the "leave on server" option I would think unfortunately :(

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