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Outlook Express


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Can someone please tell me why after the IE service pack upgrade my expandable and collapsible folders aren't not staying expanded when I reopen OE??? It use to work, what the hell is going on ?????? Looked through the options and I don't see anything but I could have missed something, maybe



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It is already checked. It has been since I first loaded up my PC. I really think it is something in the registry but not sure. Was hoping to find out that others had this issue but it seems that others don't have 1. other folders 2. never expand them 3. never even noticed (which I think is pretty hard to not)

Please somone shed some light on this or at least tell me if others are seeing this



I do not have this problem - I change both (either) Inbox or Local Folders to a minus sign - leave it that way and OE always opens that way!

This is from OE Help:

To change the Outlook Express folder list, status bar, or toolbars

To hide or display the Folders list, Contacts list, Outlook bar, status bar, or toolbars, on the View menu, click Layout, and then select the options you want.
To display subfolders in the Folders list, double-click the plus sign (+) to the left of each of the main items in the Folders list (Local Folders, your e-mail server, news servers, and so on). All of the subfolders appear beneath their main folder or server, and the plus sign becomes a minus sign.
If you click the main folder name instead of its plus sign, the subfolders display in the main Outlook Express window, rather than beneath the folder or server in the Folders list.

I am sure you already have this covered - but as a side note - I installed XP SP1 - I never installed IE SP1 by itself - it is my understanding it is part of XP SP1.


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I understand how to get them to show up but there is still an issue. I updated the IE service pack first then I did the XP service pack as that is just the way it happened. Seems like something is not there anymore or................. Not even sure at this point

Hopefully someone will shed some light on this one



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tried the repair but reloading it did nothing. I wish I could just find what is missing in the registry but I would have to look at another machine to do this. As usual there is not easy way to remove MS's crap that they intergrate into the OS. I think reload is the answer but I'm not ready for that yet.

If anyone finds something please let me know

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !
As I already said, I have the same problem, I installed XP SP1 but I didn't installed IE6 SP1... seems like IE6 SP1 is not the problem...

Any idea then ?


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Do you want a screen shot??

Anyway I tried something. Creating a test user and setting up the account from scratch, adding in the info for the mail and so on. I added test folders and expanded them. I then closed the app and opened it to see if it saved the folder view as expanded. It didn't work. So my thought of it being profile related was wrong.

So I go back to the registry entry. I think it's in there but I looked before and found nothing that is related.

Only way that I know to fix it would be to remove OE completely (with no un-install I think this can't be done) then reinstall it with fresh files and settings. To just reinstall it doesn't work.

I would email MS but I can't and don't even think they would get to it



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Thanks but I tried those options. First I ran the scan then I tried the reinstall and that didn't fix it. Problem is and I know it can't be done is to uninstall OE or both IE and OE. This can't be done so reload it the option, but I refuse to reload until I upgrade parts or something more drastic happends.

thanks for the help and if someone figure out a way without the aboved ways I would love it.

thanks again

Howling Wolf

We did not deserve this !

Whatever you did, folders didn't stay expanded the next time you opened Outlook Express, right. It was the same for me before.

I've found a -strange- solution, here it is:
provided you have an Hotmail account, set it up in OE (DL folders, messages). Next expand all needed folders including Hotmail ones. Close OE, open it again: you find your folders expanded as they were and should be. It works for me now.

Strangest thing is yet to come: if you set two Hotmail accounts (like I did) and keep just one of them unexpanded, next time you open OE, all folders have the + sign before them. If both accounts are expanded, everything will work fine, even for your non-Hotmail accounts.

Hope this helps you !


OSNN Junior Addict

That is kind of weird. Have you tried removing the Hotmail account after ?

I wonder if I can setup a fake account to just test it.



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I tired this and it works as you said but after you remove the account its the problem all over again.

It's werid that if you add another account that is would solve this. Would it be that the account is corrupt ??? But as I said before I tried creating a new user and setting up mail and folders and the problem was still there. Very weird.

This is drivin me nuts as I have tried many things except reload which I would rather leave till I upgrade.



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I confused you ?????? About what.

If you are talking about the Outlook Epress problem I really don't think there is a fix besides FORMAT

This is the simple issue. Once I click on the plus sign under the inbox folder it expands the folders underneath inbox. When I close the IE and open the app again the folders that I expanded are not expanded.

Another basic is IE is not saving the last view and it should :)

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