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Outlook Express - which file to backup?


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So one of my harddrives died, big-time. I'll have to use to DOS to retrieve an Outlook file to backup all my emails, etc. Question is, which one? Now, I've heard there are .dbx files or .pst files but I can't seem to find any of these when doing search on my broken drive or this drive I'm using now. I always use Outlook Express 6, can anybody help point me in the right direction?


Paul S.


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You are correct in searching for the .dbx files, these are the folders that store all your emails. Which version of windows are you running? What did you search for?

Admiral Michael

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maddmatt he need to use DOS so that option wont help. I dont use OE so I cant find the default storage location. Its somewhere in the user folder.

And ray_gillespie is corrent, its the dbx (all of them) that you need to backup (PST is for outlook not outlook express). However this will not save your address book, that one is a little more difficult to backup thru DOS.

EDIT: I found mine stored in C:\Documents and Settings\Admiral Michael\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book

Id imagine the dbx files are somewhere in C:\Documents and Settings\Admiral Michael\Application Data\Microsoft

**where Admiral Michael is my username.
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I'm sorry Hal...
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should be in
C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{2936F8A7-1834-4145-B848-56A4CDD5F324}\Microsoft\Outlook Express

The big long number may be different on your machine


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Well forgive me. But maybe it's just me.

Isn't the point of Windows security to not allow access to the user's Documents and Settings folder outside of Windows or without that user being signed on (or having Administrator credentials)?

Good luck.

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