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Outlook Express Spell Check


T. Jon Ellis

Spell checking on Outlook Express v.6 with Windows XP, I get the message “An error occurred while the spelling was being checked”. This problem is dealt with by MS in Q224176. It appears from investigation that Csapi3t1.dll is missing and I thought I could copy it from the Windows XP CD but I can only find Csapi3t1 without “.dll”, which if used does not have any effect. Where do I find “Csapi3t1.dll”
I would mention that my MS Word 97 is OK on spell checking.


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The file you found without "dll" is the file you want. You probable have xp set to not show extensions for known file types, so it won't show the extension. Good luck.
You can also try reinstalling Windows on top of itself. This will reinstall all missing or damaged files without changing any settings.

T. Jon Ellis

The replies have been appreciated, however I feel I made not have made by problem quite clear.

To quote from MS Q224176:
“The Csapi3t1.dll file, which is located in the Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof folder, is missing or damaged.”

This file, Csapi3t1.dll. does not exist in my Proof folder, in spite of the fact I have also reinstalled my Windows XP, showing all hidden files. And on the CD, only Csapi3t1 without dll extension.

I am at a loss as what to do now:confused:


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That makes 2 of us. Maybe you should try something like Eudora or other 3rd party mail. I know it doesn't help your problem, but................?


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T. Jon Ellis:

That is awfully weird. Have you been able to find that file for download? You could place the file into the directory manully and that should solve your problem.

Give it a go, and let me know.


I'm sorry Hal...
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I know you siad you had show hidden files option on but do you have the option to hide know file type extentions truned off?

if still no luck then post the exact version (its a long number) of OE and ask someone to send you to dll file. i will but i'm not going to be home (where my xp machine is) for quite a while

T. Jon Ellis

Having now exhausted all the suggestions, I would appreciate it if a member could kindly supply me with Csapi3t.dll for downloading. My OE version is 6.00.2600.0000, as advised by Khayman

T. Jon Ellis

:D Thanks a lot, at last I have solved the problem.
How would I have managed without this forum and helpful members? :)

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