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Outlook Express Error Number: 0x80004005



Hi there, My OE 6.0 was working fine until I had the excellent idea of trying a software called "Spam Inspector" that works with the OE rules and blocked addresses list.

After uninstalling this program my OE does not retrieve any email from any of my POP accounts (it does from hotmail), the error it gives me is as follows:

An unknown error has occurred. Protocol: POP3, Port: 0, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x80004005

This error is only affecting my windows XP identity, all the others are working fine.

I already tried the following solutuions I found on the web:

1. deleting the file pop3uidl.dbx
2. deleting the file folders.dbx
3. deleting all my identitity files from the application data folder and then uninstalling and reinstalling OE from XP control panel
4. creating again all the email accounts

and still no results...

Please, any help will be appreciated.



well the first thing that I noticed is that the error is pointing to port 0. The default port for pop3 is 110, but it can vary depending on your mail server, so make sure that is set right.

And I found this on M$
When you attempt to receive an e-mail message in Outlook Express, the following error message may appear:

An unknown error has occurred. Account: account name, Server: server name, Protocol: POP3, Port:110, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x80004005
This behavior can occur because of a corrupted .mbx file, typically the Inbox.
To resolve this behavior, rename the affected .mbx file, and then restart Outlook Express:
Click Start, point to Find, and then click Files or Folders.
In the Named box, type Inbox.mbx .
In the Look in box, click your primary hard disk (usually drive C), and then click Find Now.
Right-click the Inbox.mbx file that appears, and then click Rename.
Type Inbox.old, and then click OK.
Restart Outlook Express.


Thanks for the tip, but the specified port is 110, I just don't know what is happening.

Any idea about how to uninstall OE 6.0 completely? (I mean killing all traces and configuration)

And any idea about where to download it again?

Will this work?:(
there is really no way to kil it completely short of a re-format and re-install, any other method would actaully be more time consuming.



You mean reformatting my system?

that can take weeks... I guess, that it must be other way like deleting the program, editing the registry and reinstalling...

Am I right?
well reformating your hard drive shouldn't take more then 20 minutes, re-installing XP maybe 30 minutes, then re-installing all your apps maybe a couple hours or more.

But thats what I would do.



Sorry Iceman, I'd rather stop using OE then and get myself a new email software.

Anyone else knows how to deal with oulook express, where each identity configuration is stored, etc?

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